Saturday, July 12, 2008

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North Georgia Mountains Fall Color Changes

If you love visiting the North Georgia Mountains from the middle of October through the first 2 weeks of November, and want to take in the Fall Leaf Color changes, you better book your Georgia Mountain Cabin Rental now.

There are many North Georgia Fall Festivals occuring the last 2 weekends of October. You can visit Pumpkin Patches, Corn Maze Fields, Craft & Food Festivals, Art Shows, and Apple & Peach Orchards. Visit Mercier Orchards and try freshly picked apples! Try their homemade pastries, candy sticks and their fresh Apple Cider. Don't miss out on this fall festival fun.

If you are not able to visit the Georgia Mountains in October, the leaves are still changing color the 1st two weeks of November too. Visit the beginning of November and still see the beautiful leaf color changes. Check to see which areas are changing their leaves:

Book your North Georgia Cabin Rental or Blue Ridge Cabin Rental now. Don't wait last minute, because all 1400 North Georgia Cabin Rentals in the area will be booked.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The leaves change so much within a weeks time

This was taken on 10/20/2007 off the back porch of our cabin rental named Deer Pine Lodge.

It is unbelievable how fast the leaves change within a weeks time. Last week I noted that it looked to me that only 10% of the leaves were changing color. This weekend it looks like 75% have changed their color. Of course, different trees change their colors quicker than others. For instance, the Sorghum Trees change sooner than the Oaks & Maples.

Next weekend will be just as beautiful, so if you haven't visited the North Georgia Mountains lately, and yearn to see the beautiful fall colors, you still have time.

Plan your fall getaway for 2008 now. Stay in one of our cabins. This picture above was taken on 10/19/2007 of our cabin Holly Pine Haven.

To find local activities and other important information during your stay, don't forget to visit:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This photo was taken October 14, 2007 off of Aska Road & Snake Nation Road. Most areas have only experienced about 10% of their leaf color change.

We have received so many cabin rental inquiries for this weekend and next weekend. Well, we are booked. But, why not visit Blue Ridge the following weekend? Visit the weekend of October 26 & 27. You will still see a beautiful color showing of the fall foliage. Only about 10% of the trees now are changing their colors and they will still be changing for another 2 weekends. Holly Pine Haven is available for the last weekend/week in October. Stay in our beautiful, rustic cabin and watch the leaves change & fall right off the back porch. When all of the leaves fall, you will see a 270 degree view of the mountains. Visit: and for local information,visit: